Walk Sudbury is all about encouraging people to enjoy and explore their community on foot.  Community volunteers have planned and put up wayfinding signs along local walking routes.  The signs point out destinations along the way and display the distance in minutes on foot, as well as number of steps.  Walking is great for physical and mental health, and is also a great way to build social connections among community members.

Distance in minutes was calculated using average walking speed (5km/hr) and distance in steps was calculated using average stride length (1320 steps/km).

Approximately 25 community volunteers carried out the project.

Walk Sudbury is a project of Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury, Healthy Kids Community Challenge, and Downtown Sudbury. is managed by Coaltion for a Liveable Sudbury.

Community partners include Rainbow Routes Association, Junction Creek Stewardship Committee, EarthCare Sudbury, and Sudbury Student Services Consortium.


Goal:  encourage and facilitate kids to walk and get active in their neighbourhoods.

E.g. with wayfinding to schools, parks, trails, community centres, libraries, and other kid friendly and active destinations.

Funded by the Healthy Kids Community Challenge


Goal:  Help residents from surrounding neighbourhoods discover walking routes to downtown and downtown destinations

Funded by Downtown Sudbury


Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury facilitated this community led project

Brainstorm routes.

Select priority routes –through drop-in meeting and on-line feedback, routes were prioritized.

Ground truth routes and find sign locations – volunteers walked the routes, made adjustments as needed, and determined sign locations.  Routes were also GPS mapped.

Create signs – with feedback from participants, a volunteer designed and created the signs.

Put up the signs – volunteers walked the routes to put up the wayfinding signs.

We hope that this project inspires people to walk more as part of their daily life and discover new walking routes and destinations.  We hope that this project inspires similar projects throughout Greater Sudbury.  We hope that this project leads to permanent wayfinding signs in our community.